Rick Ross 'Delivered' On 'Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.),' Atlanta DJs Say

'Biggest street record this year thus far,' DJ Scream tells Mixtape Daily.

Street Banger: Rick Ross' "Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.)"

We had to do it. It's the kickoff of yet another new chamber of Mixtape Daily. The Street Banger section will be dedicated to the song that gets so hot, it makes the whole 'hood jump and starts earthquakes in the clubs. It's only right we kick it off with a song that's been getting a swell of support the past few weeks, Rick Ross' "Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.)" from the Albert Anastasia mixtape.

We told you to look out for it, Ross and his family spoke on it before, but just like we're going to do every time you see this section, we'll give the DJs a voice. We asked some of your favorite DJs from ATL what they think of the record. After all, when Ross says he feels like Big Meech, he's talking about the Atlanta street legend who is currently incarcerated.

"It's crazy in the clubs, the clubs where real street party people go," said Greg Street, a.k.a. Mr. 6 O'Clock. "Ross is a metaphoric lyricist, so you know he gonna put a twist on it."

"The reaction in the clubs is tough!" DJ Drama said emphatically. "And it caught on fast. [The record] has a strong beat. ... He touched on topics the streets adore and respect: self-made bosses. ... Ross, lyrically, is by himself right now."

"It's popular because people have flashbacks of the real BMF [Black Mafia Family] era, and it mentions the one and only Big Meech," DJ MLK assessed. "Dope boys and strippers who was around then all relate."

DJ Scream gives "B.M.F." the ultimate accolade: "It shuts the club down! Biggest street record this year thus far. It's street music. It seems like a lot of artists have strayed away from or are scared to make raw and uncut street music. The people still want that type of music, though. Ross delivered. The people reacted. 'Nuff said."

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