Owl City's Adam Young Calls Sky Sailing Project 'A Dream Come True'

'I can't tell you what it means for people to want to hear the Sky Sailing songs,' Young tells MTV News.

Adam Young never dreamed people would want to hear the songs he made under his Owl City moniker, let alone the ones he made before that.

And yet, thanks to the startling success of the song "Fireflies," and Owl City's Ocean Eyes album, he's now getting the chance to release those early tunes — which he recorded as Sky Sailing — and, much like everything that's happened since OC broke, he can't really believe his luck.

"Initially, these were just ideas that I had in my head that I wanted to get out," Young told MTV News on Friday (June 18). "I had no plans other than making a MySpace page and maybe letting my friends hear [the songs]. Fortunately, Owl City took off, and they had to take a backseat. But I'm really excited to have people hear them now."

The songs collected on Sky Sailing's An Airplane Carried Me to Bed (due July 27) were actually recorded back in summer 2007, well before Owl City became the phenomenon it is today. And now that he's officially between OC albums, Young figured he'd revisit the songs, "re-polish them" (as he put it) and let his legions of fans have a listen.

"It's a bit ironic in terms of a timeline, because Sky Sailing took on its own form and shape before Owl City was ever conceptualized," Young said. "A few months after I had recorded them, I started to write synth-pop songs that were different from the acoustic stuff I was doing with Sky Sailing. So it was pretty clear early on that there were going to be two avenues and two projects. I just didn't know if this one would ever be heard."

And with Bed just around the corner, and a new Owl City record currently in pre-production, Young really can't believe much of anything going on in his life these days, but he's pretty happy they are.

"Really, everything that's happened, and is happening, I can't believe it for a second. I never imagined any of my songs would have done what they've done," he said. "And I can't tell you what it means for people to want to hear the Sky Sailing songs, either. It's a dream come true. It's a priceless feeling."

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