Snoop Dogg Sinks His Teeth Into 'True Blood' With 'Oh Sookie'

Rapper has already paid homage to the HBO vampire series in 'Gangsta Love.'

He's hooked up with fellow tree enthusiast Willie Nelson for a country tune, indulged his sweet tooth with Katy Perry while wearing a candy suit in "California Gurls," rapped about "MILF Weed" on Showtime's "Weeds" and played a gangsta back from the dead in 2001's "Bones." When Snoop Dogg likes something, no matter the genre or medium, he goes all in with it.

That might explain "Oh Sookie," a new rhyme in which the Doggfather pays homage to the mind-reading, sex-addicted, shape-shifting, bloodsucking and howling residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana, from HBO's vampire series "True Blood."

In the video for the tune unleashed on on Thursday, Snoop aims to make the love triangle between vampires Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) and mind-scanner Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) a square by offering up his best sexual seduction come-ons while rocking a five-finger "Sookie" ring.

Snoop already gave props to the show in the 2009 song "Gangsta Love" ("It's like True Blood, I sink my teeth in/ I gotta have it, the LB raised me"). And now he seems to be angling to shake things up even more with the hook, "We'll do it in the daytime/ Bill won't know a thing." Showing that his knowledge of the show runs deep, he doesn't just make a move on Sookie; he's also down to party with her bestie, Tara, making a reference to her dearly departed boyfriend with the couplet, "Bring your best friend, Tara/ I got some real Eggs for her to eat."

The video for the song opens with Snoop — who later rocks a giant platinum "Sookie" chain — pulling into Bon Temps in his newly tricked-out Snoopmobile, complete with a "Tru Pimp" license plate and cloves of garlic hanging from the rearview mirror. Wearing a red, pinstriped suit, he urges Sookie to come close because, unlike so many of the creatures in the swampy town, "I'm the dog that don't bite."

The g-funk tune bounces along on a slinky Spandau Ballet-like groove as Snoop drops references to Sookie's telepathy and even offers to buy her a gin and juice at the restaurant where she waitresses, Merlotte's diner. "Bill ain't for real, he ain't true blood/ Snoop is a G, I smoke true bud/ Wanna be a vampire, gotta listen up/ I hit you with the glamour," he raps while hanging outside Merlotte's in a pimp fur and later showing off his own TB product, a package of "True Nutz."

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