Kristen Stewart Says She's 'Having Fun' Promoting 'Eclipse'

'Now, I'm not nervous about what I say,' actress tells MTV News.

Kristen Stewart is having fun. Now, that might not sound like a groundbreaking statement. After all, the "Twilight" actress is a star of one of the decade's single biggest franchises, not to mention the fact that her character is at the center of a romantic tug-of-war between heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. But Stewart has sometimes come under scrutiny for appearing less than enthused, even uncomfortable, during interviews.

While out promoting "Eclipse," though, a visibly upbeat Stewart told MTV News that she's having a lot of fun promoting the franchise's upcoming third installment, due June 30.

"I'm not forcing myself to do it. I'm actually just naturally having more fun with it," she said of doing press for the movie. "You get to talk about stuff that you normally don't really think about, so there's an interesting aspect to it."

Stewart said that her outlook has changed because she's grown more relaxed and less self-conscious about the kinds of topics she's asked to address during interviews.

"The only thing that really freaked me out before was just getting nervous about what I said," she explained. "Now, I'm not nervous about what I say — just because I know what I want to say. Before, I didn't. I had nothing to say. As an actor, it's like, 'OK, cool, I'm so interesting and I'm just going to sit here and talk about myself and look like that's important to other people.' That was always hard for me to do, so I looked, like, rude or whatever. But I'm having more fun with it now, as you can probably tell!"

KStew is feeling less nervous about doing press these days: Do you think she gets a bad rap about her interviews? Tell us in the comments!

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