Robert Pattinson Won't Let 'Fear' Influence His Career Choices

'Eclipse' star says, for him, wanting to play a part is the key to doing it well.

Robert Pattinson has not shied away from admitting how close he came to quitting show business, fed up with endless auditions and persistent unemployment.

"Literally the day before I auditioned [for 'Twilight'], I was going to quit acting 'cause I never got any jobs," Pattinson said last fall. "So I guess that's not really quitting, when you're not really getting any jobs. It's just surrendering to fate."

Fate, so it seemed, had other plans for the British heartthrob, who went on not only to become the smoldering vampire at the center of the "Twilight" franchise but an executive producer on "Remember Me" and the upcoming co-star of A-listers like Uma Thurman and Reese Witherspoon. But the lessons of those early struggles continue to stay with Pattinson and inform his decision-making process to this day.

"Professionally, as soon as you start thinking about the choices you're making in terms of the future, in terms of your career, you start doing it out of fear," he told MTV News. "If you're doing it for your career, just choosing jobs because you want to have a job after that, you're not actually choosing jobs because you want to do the job."

And actually wanting to do the job is of primary importance to Pattinson. It always has been, whether he was struggling to land auditions or had his pick of coveted parts.

"Acting is one of the only jobs where the point is to try and at least attempt to doing something which you care about more than anything else and then that's the only way it will be any good," he said.

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