Bizarre Says Eminem, D12 'Back In The Lab' For New Mixtape, Album

'We're in our little grimy studio and we're knocking it out,' Biz says, in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

D12's Bizarre says "the Band" is back in the lab making music together. The Detroit collective are simultaneously recording their next official LP and a new mixtape.

"It took Marshall a little bit of time to get on his grind," Biz said of his D12 partner Eminem. "Now he's about to drop the Recovery album. I got my album, I snuck it in there," added the rapper, who just released his solo independent LP, Friday Night at St. Andrews.

"Right now we're working on this mixtape. We decided we should work on this mixtape to get the streets a little hot right quick then drop the album. We're kinda doing both at the same time. We're definitely back in the lab working. All original material," Biz said of the tape. "If you got some beats man, hit me up, man. We don't discriminate when it comes to music — ain't no politics with us. If you got some fresh music, some hotness, we got you."

Biz noted that with all the fellas back together after a long hiatus, which included grieving over the death of their partner Proof in 2006, the vibe finally felt right.

"It's good, man," he said. "It's a nice feelin', man. We're taking it back to the roots. We're in our little grimy studio and we're knocking it out. I can't describe the feeling. To get back in there with the group and get on some beats, it's a challenge within ourselves. We don't even let each other hear each other's verse before we rap, so you definitely need to be trying to come with it. It's a friendly competition thing. It's a lot of pressure, but it's good pressure."

It's probably no surprise that the guy who's really terrorizing the booth on both efforts is Em.

"Em is sounding crazy," his longtime friend said. "He always sounds crazy. This dude is an alien. He's probably got hundreds of raps thought about already, in different styles and different patterns. That's one dude you can't compare yourself to ... or worry about what he's doing. If you worry about that cat, you're gonna be lost."

While his rhymes will surely reign on the D12 project, whether we'll hear any beats from the Shady Records head is up in the air.

"Em ain't really into producing no more, but he's gonna be on both projects," Biz said.

Neither D12 project has a release date, but Biz said he thinks the mixtape will drop in the fall on the mischief-making Devil's Night. For now, Bizarre is pushing his solo LP and recording.

"It's a ... historic place in Detroit," he explained of his album's title. "[St. Andrews], it was a church that they turned into a club and had hip-hop on Friday night. Being that Detroit is such a gangsta city, this was the only outlet we really had for hip-hop, breakdancing and battling. Basically, I'm paying homage."

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