Drake 'So Excited, So Exhausted' On Thank Me Later's Release Day

'I actually was surprised that I even got to sleep,' he tells MTV News of the night before his debut dropped.

The eager anticipation for Drake's album wasn't just coming from fans. It turns out the Toronto lyricist was on edge himself.

"I couldn't believe what time it was, first of all," he told MTV News on Tuesday (June 15) about waking up on the day his Thank Me Later LP finally hit stores and online retail outlets. "I actually was surprised that I even got to sleep. I was so excited that I was so exhausted, too. I had a long day yesterday. I got right on the phone and started doing radio [interviews], I did about 15 radio stations this morning.

"My mom texted me, she was just like, 'I can't believe this, because people are saying you sold this [many copies] already,' " he continued. "I was like, 'Ma, don't listen to that,' she had some crazy numbers. She was like, 'Oh, I heard you sold 200,000 albums by 10 o'clock.' I was like, 'I doubt that!' "

There's no question, however, that the album has generated a lot of excitement. Fans began lining up around the Best Buy in New York's Union Square on Monday night for Drake's in-store appearance on Tuesday, just for the opportunity to meet the rapper and get their albums signed.

Drake also said friends sent him pictures of the same scene in his hometown of Toronto, where kids camped out for hours to be among the first to pick up Thank Me Later.

While this may be Drizzy's crowning moment, the star said for himself, he was happy for the greater cause: a young artist being able to ascend the heights of hip-hop's landscape, which long has been dominated by veteran MCs.

"I just took a deep breath for hip-hop," he explained. "To me, it's not even about me today, it's [really] about the culture."

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