Robert Pattinson Says Life Without Music Is 'Driving Me Crazy'

'I've just bought a couple new guitars, and I've started trying to write things again,' he tells MTV News.

Back in July 2008, "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke told MTV News that Robert Pattinson had plans to compose three songs for the vampire film's soundtrack. As it turned out, only one RPattz track popped up on the album, but Twilighters were on notice: The Brit actor harbored some serious musical ambitions.

"I was doing music before I started acting, so I still have bits and pieces, and I've been playing in Portland [during the shoot]," Pattinson told us on the "Twilight" set. "I've been trying to write an album for years and years."

Two years later, with the third installment of the franchise about to hit theaters, Pattinson has found himself frustratingly disconnected from that passion and without the time to listen to much music or write his own material.

"I haven't been [paying attention to music] for a while," he told MTV News. "I don't know why. I've just sort of not been listening to it. It's so odd when that happens. You're just like, 'I've forgotten what everything is.' "

Yet Pattinson refuses to let his musical talents go to waste, as he's trying to dive back into songwriting mode. Stymieing those efforts are his jam-packed schedule of shooting and publicity; he's in the midst of shooting "Water for Elephants" with Reese Witherspoon at the same time that he's promoting "Eclipse."

"I've just bought a couple new guitars, and I've started trying to write things again," he said. "But I never have any time, ever."

You can tell how perturbed Pattinson is by his inability to carve out time to play music. And you've got to hope he figures out a way to make music work within the confines of his hectic professional career, because right now, he's bummed without music in his life.

"It's kind of driving me crazy," he said.

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