Katy Perry Explains 'California Gurls' Video, Frame By Frame

Pop star puts a 'naughty twist' on Candy Land for the new clip.

Katy Perry released her pastel-colored, candy-coated new video for "California Gurls" on Tuesday (June 15). In the clip, Perry is dressed in little or nothing and dances around Candyfornia trying to save her California Gurls from Snoop Dogg's sinister Sugar Daddy and his Gummi Bear minions.

Of course, with the help of some smooth dance moves and a whipped-cream-dispensing bra, the ladies dethrone the evil ruler. Perry sat down with MTV News to walk fans through the behind-the-scenes action.

"I like the idea of this being like a board game," she said. "It's kind of like Candy Land. That was probably one of my favorite games to play growing up. I like to bring back those pure childhood moments and give them a little bit of a naughty twist, of course!"

In the video, Katy travels through Candyfornia, trying to save her pals. "One of the first girls that I rescue out of the music video, one of the first California Gurls, is a girl that we've named Bubblicious Betty, and she's caught in a bubble that Snoop Dogg has put her in from the Bubblicious volcano.

"I continue on through Candyfornia," she added. "I get caught in the candy-cane snake place, where it gets really dicey. I don't know which tree stalk to climb so that I can get to the cotton-candy clouds."

The video's elaborate set design gave Perry and her team the chance to really use their imaginations. "It was really exciting doing all of the set production," she said. "We took over this huge movie set, basically, and we built the gingerbread house, and it has hearts and pink and color. I think it's got so much color in it."

Of course, the video also has clothes that manage to dazzle the senses as well. "Diesel made me those shorts, which is really cool," she said. "They bedazzled the Daisy Dukes. And then, of course, towards the end, after I have picked out all of the California Gurls that have been frozen in Candyfornia because Snoop is the evil Mister Oz-like figure, we go to his sugar castle on sugarcane beach, and we tell him who's boss."

Having Snoop play the bad guy was one of the genius ideas that went into making this video, as was the popsicle that meets a sad end. "I was talking to the director when Snoop was doing his verse, [and] I was like, 'I really want there to be a melting-popsicle guy,' " she revealed. "I just love stuff like that. I think I belong in Japan, in some alternate universe. I think this music video is a little bit my love for all things cute, confectionary and Japanese [and] childhood."

When fans watch the video, two looks will stand out: the cupcake bra and the chest-mounted frosting cannons. "I will tell you that those cupcake bra boobies, they were a little bit heavy and they were interesting," she said. "It was really fun making these costumes. They're all one-of-a-kind, and I love the Bettie Page moment in the red and the whipped-cream cans."

So how does it end? Well, Katy wins, of course. "I had the idea for the end shot," she said. " 'I want Snoop to be covered in sand like we beat him!' "

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