Katy Perry Teases Her Teen Choice Awards Wardrobe

'There's a lot of Velcro involved,' the host reveals to MTV News of her costume ideas.

The Teen Choice Awards nominations are in and as host Katy Perry gears up for her August 9 gig, she warns that just about anything is possible once she takes the stage.

"What are you not gonna see? That's the thing!" she teased to MTV News after the listening party for her Teenage Dream LP in New York City.

"I mean, I always have a fantastic time hosting these types of things," Perry added, "and pull out costume after costume after costume." While Perry was vague about possible wardrobe choices, she did say that viewers should expect to see progressively less clothes as the night wears on.

"Usually I start wearing like a layer of clothes and then I just rip off," Perry told us. "There's a lot of Velcro involved. But it'll be fun and I love teenagers because [whereas] children are not jaded and just full of life ... teenagers are a little like, 'Prove to me you're cool,' and I'm gonna prove to you that I'm kind of cool. I am not pop-star lame, I am not hipster cool — I am somewhere in the middle."

At the MTV Movie Awards this month, Perry performed her chart-topping "California Gurls." But the singer revealed she might try out the title single off her August 24 album, performing "Teenage Dream" at the awards show.

"I think I might be doing the second single off the record. It'd be a great place ... at the Teen Choice Awards because I think a lot of kids are falling in love and they will relate to that song," she explained. "That song is kind of like feeling that way when you were a teenager: really emotional, really invested. ... It's intense being in love and being a teenager. That's what 'Teenage Dream' is about."

And speaking of deeply felt adolescent love, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," which is up for a number of Teen Choice Awards, pretty much sums up the subject of Perry's next single.

"That's being a teenager right there," she agreed. "That would be that dynamic of love."

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