Robert Pattinson Says 'Eclipse' Tent Scene Was Re-Shot To Be 'More Erotic'

RPattz hasn't yet seen the final version: 'I saw an earlier cut, and I liked what happened in the tent scene.'

The tent scene is already a cast favorite and the most eagerly anticipated moment in "Eclipse," opening June 30. At a "New Moon" screening last year, Taylor Lautner said it was his favorite moment to film, while Elizabeth Reaser described it as a "chaste three-way."

Robert Pattinson has yet to see the final cut of his love-triangle moment with Lautner and Kristen Stewart, but he did approve of an earlier version of the scene.

"I saw an earlier cut, and I liked what happened in the tent scene when I saw it," he told MTV News while promoting "Eclipse" in Los Angeles. "But we re-shot it, so I'm not sure what the new one is like. So maybe on the DVD you'll have the old tent scene."

So what changed in the new tent scene? Apparently, it's much steamier. "Just the staging was different," he said. "I think they tried to make it more erotic."

Well, whatever they did, it certainly has Reaser all hot and bothered. When asked which scene she was most excited for fans to see in the upcoming third "Twilight" film, the Cullen matriarch went straight for the camping gear.

"The tent scene, I remember that being one of the hottest scenes in the books, so I'm excited to see that," she said when asked what fans will love most. "The tent scene is sort of a three-way — I mean, it's a chaste three-way, but it is, nonetheless, a three-way."

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