Megan Fox Had Experience Shooting Guns Before Her 'Jonah Hex' Role

'When I was 5 and 6 years old, we went target shooting with shotguns,' actress confesses.

There's a moment at the end of the "Jonah Hex" trailer when Megan Fox and Josh Brolin are Fox's Frontier-era prostitute.

Alas, their captors have seized that weapon. "Still got that derringer in your bustle?" he wonders aloud.

Nope. Turns out their adversaries were thorough in their body search of Fox's character, and for the foreseeable future those two are going to be stuck in their chains. But Brolin's lines do speak to one reality in this upcoming comic book adaptation: Fox's character is one weapon-happy ass-kicker. And the 24-year-old actress was well-positioned to pull off such a portrayal, since she practically grew up with a shotgun slung over her shoulder.

"As a grown adult, I don't mess around with guns at all. I have a fear of them," she told MTV News. "But as a child, I grew up in the South. I grew up in Tennessee, and my dad, as a hobby, is a duck hunter. He used to go kill ducks and bring them home, and we would eat them for dinner ... we would barbecue them."

Fox's dad made sure that from an early age his daughter was well-acquainted with his weapon of choice. "He taught me how to shoot a shotgun," she said. "When I was 5 and 6 years old, we went target shooting with shotguns. So I've handled a gun before — an enormous shotgun — when I was a little kid."

"Jonah Hex," though, marks the first time Fox has ever handled a gun on a movie set. The experience was not as easy as she thought it would be. "In the movie, it's my first time, and it was actually way more difficult than I anticipated it being," she said.

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