Taylor Lautner Only Goes Shirtless When 'There's Reasons Behind It'

'Eclipse' star talks to GQ about how he's avoided gratuitous stripping for other roles.

Taylor Lautner takes off his shirt a lot in "New Moon" and "Eclipse," which comes out on June 30. But, as he told MTV News earlier this week, he still feels awkward stripping for those scenes as Jacob in the "Twilight Saga," and he's not about to show off his abs for just any role.

"Originally I was supposed to take off my shirt [in 'Valentine's Day']," Lautner says in the July issue of GQ, on newsstands June 22. "The script said we were walking into school and 'Willy takes off his shirt.' I said, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. He's gonna take off his shirt in the middle of school? No, no, no.' The reason I took off my shirt for 'New Moon' is because it's written in the book that way. And there's reasons behind it."

Though he's not into displaying it gratuitously, Lautner worked extra hard to get and maintain that physique in the first place, and he described for GQ readers how he motivated himself during workouts. "I'm in the gym, and I'm doing reps, and I'm reading the books, and I'm studying the character," he recalled. "I'm just saying to myself, 'I want this role. I love this role. I'm not gonna lose it. And I'm gonna know it better than anybody. And I'm gonna do that extra rep, because I'm gonna be Jacob Black.' "

In the issue, the 18-year-old also talks about why he's still living at home with his parents, what it was like to present an award alongside Kristen Stewart at the Oscars and how he reacted when then-girlfriend Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye West at the VMAs.

"I was standing behind [Taylor] as it was happening, and 100 percent I was sure it was staged!" Lautner explained. "I thought, 'This was something that they rehearsed.' I was enjoying the show! But then Taylor turned around and I saw her face."

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