Lady Gaga Will Have Giant Stage At Lollapalooza, Perry Farrell Promises

'We spent close to $150,000 to house the production she's gonna do,' says festival organizer and Jane's Addiction frontman.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is set to storm the Lollapalooza stage this August. It'll be the pop princess's first appearance at the festival in three years, and this time around Gaga is upping the performance ante. She wants everyone to know that she's graduated from side-stage performer to accomplished headlining act.

Back in 2007, when she first appeared at the festival on the side stage, her getups were so elaborate that she even bested more well-known acts like festival founder and Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell. "I actually said, 'Who's the chick with all the clothes, because this is my festival and she's got [a lot of clothes racks]. We've got one rack,' " Farrell told MTV News at the Activision E3 party in Los Angeles. "I gotta follow this chick and see what's going on."

Despite the clothes envy, Gaga managed to win Farrell over. "But she had this sweet smile," he recalled. "And she was real mischievous, so I liked her."

Now, Gaga is more elaborate than ever, having requested a very expensive stage setup for her set. "Yeah, she asked for a giant stage," Farrell explained. "So we spent like $100,000 to give her a giant stage. We spent close to $150,000 to house the production she's gonna do. And I say yeah, let's do it."

Gaga will be joined by fellow headliners including Green Day, the recently reunited Soundgarden, the re-formed Strokes, the Arcade Fire and Phoenix when the festival kicks off on August 6 in Chicago's Grant Park.

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