Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Challenges Donnie Wahlberg Over NBA Championships

Big Snoop Dogg pledges $20,000 to winner's favorite charity.

No one can say Snoop Dogg doesn't go hard for his city. Although his beloved Los Angeles Lakers currently are down three games to two against the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals, Snoop has taken to the Internet to voice his support for the Cali team in the NBA finals. He's even taken on boy-bander and hard-core Boston fan Donnie Wahlberg and challenged the Celtics supporter to a bet over which team will take home the trophy.

Snoop lays down the gauntlet in a video posted on his website, calling out Wahlberg and offering $20,000 to the charity of the winner's choice.

"What it do, Big Snoop Dogg, Lakers fan #1. Wahlberg what it do? Y'all want that bet? Let's get it crackin'," Snoop says. "20 Gs to your favorite charity, Lakers beat the Celtics, that's what it do!"

Comedian Mike Epps also reps for the Lakers and goes at Beantown fans in the video. "Boston, y'all ain't got nothin' on 'em," Epps jeered. "That cabbage green ain't got sh-- on that banana yellow, bitch!"

Snoop ropes in Donnie's brother Mark Wahlberg and Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White as well in another online video where he demands, "I need some free UFC tickets to all the upcoming fights and I need to be on 'Entourage,' I need to get in a movie with you, Marky Mark."

The Doggfather and the New Kids on the Block singer also have been going at it on Twitter. After putting up the $20,000 wager, Snoop upped the stakes, tweeting to @DonnieWahlberg, "Letz turn thiz up. Loser has to wear the winners colors for a week too!"

For his part, Wahlberg isn't taking Snoop's taunts lying down. Wahlberg tweeted on Friday that they should exchange the check onstage at Radio City Music Hall when NKOTB perform there this week. "I'll pay for the flight, rooms & expense. The loser steps on stage in the other [team's] jersey to hand over the check!"

But after the Celtics beat the Lakers in Game 5 on Sunday, Snoop Dogg kept it gentlemanly, tweeting, "Aight @donniewahlberg congrats green came strong but we goin 7 games!"

Wahlberg graciously accepted the props and gave Snoop a friendly tip about how the Lakers could take it all. "Thanks for the congrats @snoopdogg! I think it could go 7 but somebody, besides KOBE, needs to step up for LA or we will win it all in 6!"