Taylor Lautner Found Shirtless 'Eclipse' Scenes Awkward

'It is a little awkward for me to watch myself,' actor says, despite 'Eclipse' being his favorite 'Twilight Saga' installment.

Fans have a lot of reasons to look forward to [movie id="454504"]"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."[/movie] There's the tent scene, the leg hitch, the final battle scene and — of course — plenty of shots of Taylor Lautner's abs. At a Los Angeles screening of the film, MTV News' Josh Horowitz witnessed spontaneous cheering at Lautner's first appearance on the big screen, in which he lacked (you guessed it) a shirt.

Lautner has never been hesitant about saying that "Eclipse" is his favorite of the four novels in "The Twilight Saga," and with a fan response like that, it's not hard to see why. However, Lautner is quick to reassure that his objectification isn't the reason he loves "Eclipse" the most.

"It is a little awkward for me to watch myself, and actually, when we're filming those scenes," Lautner said. "But ['Eclipse'] is my favorite one because it's the most guy-friendly by far. It's dangerous, there's a lot of action. The romance is still there, but the action level is stepped up way more. It's great. It's definitely my favorite though."

Apparently filming the majority of "Eclipse" without his shirt on was easier than doing the same during "New Moon," because "Eclipse" was filmed during the summer. However, despite the fact that Lautner has the rest of his wolf pack posse for shirtless solidarity, he admitted that it wasn't any easier this time around being the one whose body the ladies were crushing on in "Eclipse."

"It's a little different when I'm the only person on-set with his shirt off," he admitted.

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