Robert Pattinson 'Glad' Two-Part 'Breaking Dawn' Will Be Shot Back-To-Back

'I think that would just be easier,' Pattinson, who hasn't yet read the final 'Twilight Saga' installment, admitted.

With Summit Entertainment's long-expected announcement that [movie id="454504"]"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"[/movie] will be split into two films, "Twilight" fans breathed a collective sigh of "obviously." But while the statement seemed to be released so it could coincide with Saturday's "Eclipse" junkets, one member of the cast has reason to be opposed to Summit's choice of timing: Robert Pattinson.

Turns out the man also known as Spunk Ransom was forced to admit that he hasn't had a chance to read the final installment of "The Twilight Saga" since it was released two years ago due to his busy schedule, which includes his upcoming role in "Bel Ami." Since filming is expected to begin this fall for "Breaking Dawn," sounds like Pattinson had better get reading.

Pattinson was able to confirm, however, that "Breaking Dawn" will be following the path of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in having both of its films shot back-to-back. This bit of news was also expected but remained unconfirmed from Summit Entertainment's press release last week.

"I'm glad they're shooting them together at least because I think that would just be easier, doing it all in one," Pattinson admitted.

Even though he hasn't yet read the novel, Pattinson still knows a thing or two about the more talked-about "Breaking Dawn" moments. MTV News' Josh Horowitz commented that some of the story's big surprises have already been announced — like the fact that Bella Swan is going to be having a baby — and asked Pattinson what he felt about what "Breaking Dawn" had in store.

"I think that's going to be very funny," he said about the birthing scene. "The only thing I know about it is the famous scene: the kind of cesarean scene ... I do not envy Bill Condon to have to think of some way to do that."

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