'Stretch Armstrong' Writer 'Gets' Taylor Lautner Obsession

'That is one good-looking man,' Nicholas Stoller tells MTV News of 'Eclipse' star.

Although he's currently best known for playing hunky werewolf Jacob Black in "The Twilight Saga," Taylor Lautner is about to stretch his acting chops significantly with an all-new action franchise. "Stretch Armstrong," based on the action figure property from Hasbro, follows a special agent who suddenly finds himself with the superpower ability to extend his body beyond normal human limitations.

"Get Him to the Greek" writer and director Nicholas Stoller is currently writing the superhero film's screenplay, but he admitted to MTV News that he has found himself a bit distracted lately. Distracted by what, you ask? None other than Lautner himself!

"I had my first meeting with him, and let me tell you: That dude is handsome," Stoller confessed. "That is one good-looking man. Like, he is — I get it. I get it!"

Pressed for further details on his first impressions of Lautner, Stoller said he hasn't met anyone else in Hollywood who can attract a crowd quite like the "Twilight" sensation does.

"At this point in my career, obviously you spend a lot of time with celebrities," he said. "I've never seen more people approach someone [famous]. So many people come up to him, every age and a lot of French people."

Stoller also admitted that while he hasn't seen Lautner without his shirt on, he certainly wouldn't mind getting a firsthand look at the actor's shirtless physique. "I'm not even going to do the whole 'I'm not gay' type of thing," Stoller laughed. "Anyone, it doesn't matter who you are, would want to see that!"

Are you excited to see Taylor as Stretch Armstrong? Or will he always be Jacob Black to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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