Katy Perry Says She Followed Her 'Gut' On Teenage Dream

'I was telling the record executives, 'Listen don't tell me when it's over,' Perry tells MTV News of recording her album.

Katy Perry's upcoming Teenage Dream album isn't exactly the follow-up to her breakthrough One of the Boys — it's more like a continuation. The fact is Perry has never really been out of the spotlight long enough for it to be anything else.

"I don't really feel like I'm back, I feel like I never really went away, because things were kind of continuing," Perry told MTV News. "I just got off tour last year, and I started the record in October!"

Of course, the album has gotten a roaring ramp-up from its lead single, "California Gurls," which Perry performed at the MTV Movie Awardslast weekend andtopped the Billboard singles chart this week (the song's videowill premiere on MTV on Tuesday). And though Perry has been front-and-center on the pop stage for more than two years now, things have changed a great deal for her: Her every move is documented and her relationship with comedian Russell Brand has been the subject of much media speculation. While she freely admitted that all of these things are true, there's one thing that hasn't changed: the way she goes about making music.

"In the very beginning [of this album], I was telling the record executives, 'Listen, don't tell me when it's over, don't tell me when to turn it in, don't tell me when we're out of money. I'll let you know when my gut says 'Go.' Because I've always followed my intuition, and that's worked for me," Perry said. "I'm not going to overthink that, because it's always worked for me."

In listening to her instincts, Perry was able to squeeze two more tracks onto Dream, a pair of tunes she singles out as highlights of the album, due in August.

"Halfway through the record, I was telling them, 'I've got a lot of jewels, but I don't really have that crown. I really don't have that full-blown presentation,' " Perry said. "So I wanted to go in with [producers] Stargate, and I finished off a couple of songs, one called 'Fireworks,' which is probably my favorite song off the record, something I'm most proud of. And then a song called 'Peacock,' which is like the world's biggest innuendo."

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