Weezer Debut 'Unofficial' World Cup Song, 'Represent'

Song is Rivers Cuomo's latest ode to soccer.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is officially under way, and even though the U.S. Men's team doesn't take the field until Saturday's showdown with England, [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] have already released the "unofficial" theme song for the Stars and Stripes, a song called "Represent."

Penned by avowed soccer nut Rivers Cuomo, the band debuted the song on their A.P.E. Radio station on Friday (June 11) at 12pm ET. All muscled-up power-chords, pounding drums and delightfully over-the-top keyboards, "Represent" is positively begging to be included in a sports montage of some sorts (wait — it already has!), and features Cuomo belting out lines like "I didn't get in this position just by happenstance/ I work my bones beyond my limit just to have half a chance," and "That is how you play the game! It matters than you can take the pain!"

He also calls himself "the Wizard" at one point.

"Represent" will be available as a free download on iTunes in the U.S. for one week, starting at midnight Friday.

Cuomo, who is pals with U.S. Men's team member Landon Donovan, also wrote a song for the team during the 2006 World Cup, a tune he originally called "Our Time Will Come" (but would eventually be retitled "My Day Is Coming" when it surfaced on his 2008 album Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo). He also has attended several World Cup matches, and famously made a video for the song "Lover in the Snow," which featured him training for — and scoring a goal in — Mia Hamm's Celebrity Soccer Challenge.

What do you think of Weezer's unofficial World Cup anthem? What do you think of the other World Cup songs? Let us know in the comments below — and don't miss MTV News' World Cup of Rock!