Dutch Producer Afrojack Makes New York Debut With Roxy Cottontail

Promoter Cottontail embraces the Dutch house sound sweeping the clubs this year.

After making a dramatic splash at this year's Winter Music Conference, Dutch electronic DJ/producer Afrojack headed out on his first U.S. tour. This weekend will see him spinning on the East Coast for a gig Friday night (June 11) at Voyeur in Philadelphia, and on Saturday at Santos Party House in New York.

It's been an impressive year thus far for Afrojack (born Nick van de Wall). The 22-year-old rising star's electro-house single "Bangduck" is a house-set favorite, and his collaboration with crossover star David Guetta, "Louder Than Words," has been among the top downloads on the Beatport.com charts since the song dropped just over two weeks ago.

Saturday's gig at Santos will mark Afrojack's first performance in New York, and fittingly, he will be sharing the bill with famous New York party promoter Roxy Cottontail. Cottontail, who's had a hand in furthering the careers of the likes of Kid Cudi, Diplo and Spank Rock, is now an artist in her own right (though she still throws parties from time to time). She released "Let's Make Nasty," produced by electro-clash DJ/producer/promoter Larry Tee, and Afrojack went on to remix the song in time for this year's WMC. The song quickly became one of the more sought-after house songs of the spring.

"Larry and I had talked about who should do the remix," Cottontail told MTV News this week. "We both agreed that Diplo should do it, but he was busy with Major Lazer. Then Larry said, 'There's this kid coming out, his name is Afrojack. He actually just remixed Major Lazer, and it's getting a lot of play. I think he's gonna be huge.' Ultra [Records] had him remix it, and I was like, 'This is awesome.' I think it was kind of like a blessing that Diplo didn't do it and gave the opportunity to Afrojack.

"This past year, the Dutch house — Holland house — that sound has really taken over," Cottontail continued. "And when I heard it, it was such a progressive sound. Very electronic, but still with a poppy kind of element to it. I really think he put the cherry on top of the cake."

Cottontail assured MTV News that she and Afrojack will be performing their hit song on stage this weekend in New York. And following the success of her first venture into the Holland house genre, she had her next single, "My Bad," produced by Dutch electro outfit Party Squad, who have also collaborated with Diplo and Afrojack in the past.

"I think it's really cute, catchy, kind of naughty, but not offensive," she said of the new track, which she hopes to release by the end of the summer. "It's about making mistakes, but doing it a cute way."

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