Black Rob Calls Post-Prison Material 'A Testament' To His Longevity

'I can come home and do it again,' the onetime Bad Boy MC tells Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Black Rob makes no excuses. He knows his career as an MC could have been more successful than it has been, but when asked where the blame should fall, he points the finger at the man in the mirror. Rob was forced to take a four-year hiatus from the rap game when he went to

prison in 2006 on grand larceny charges.

Back in 2004, Black Rob stole some jewelry from a fellow guest at the On the Avenue Hotel in Manhattan, and he was caught on tape. Rob says it was a move he regretted almost as soon as he made it.

As far as his decade-plus stint on Diddy's Bad Boy records, Rob (real name Robert Ross) admitted his attention wasn't where it was supposed to be. He's only delivered two albums, 1999's critically acclaimed Life Story — which spawned the classic "Whoa!" — and 2005's The Black Rob Report.

"I'mma tell you like this," Rob told Mixtape Daily. "I'm blaming myself for that. I wasn't focused. I was running around wild-style. I'm out of town. I'm [telling my label]: 'I'm never coming back to New York.' I didn't have the work ethic that I have right now. If I had the work ethic that I have right now, I'd probably be 10 albums deep. But things happen. We not gonna cry over it. One thing I do know is that the two albums I did put out, they solidified my name and a brand. Therefore, I can come home and do it again. Those two albums left the door wide-open. Like, 'B.R. is nasty. He can come right back.' Not too many people can do what I'm doing right now. Come back home after doing four joints, five joints and pop off again," the rapper said, referring to his time behind bars. "This is a testament right now."

Rob was released from prison in May and he's already recorded more than 25 songs. The Spanish Harlem native says he does three tracks a day now. His new street CD is dropping within the next couple of weeks.

"We got the mixtape Game Tested, Street Approved," he said. "We gonna do five volumes of that. Five is always power in [principles of] mathematics. We gonna do five of those and crush 'em with that. Then we got the album, probably not this year, but the beginning of next year, second quarter or something. Name of the album is Losing's Not an Option. This is what we do. So this is the big words for the day: 'Losing's not an option.' "

Blacko has already released several songs to the Net and the street in advance of the mixtape.

" 'Ventilation,' basically it speaks for itself," Rob said. "I'm venting. I said some things on there. People might feel some kind of way or put the shoe on their foot. But at this point, we don't care who feels some kind of way. It's talking about cats in the street, as well as cats in the industry. 'New York,' that joint is an old classic. I did that record when I was on my way to prison. It was fitting for me to do a type of record like that because when you in prison, all you think about is New York. 'I'm going in, I'mma do this time and come home.' 'Shake a Leg' is just me on my B.S. Showing rhyme skills and talking about real stuff as usual."

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