Green Day Say 'Rock Band' Makes Them 'Look Like Superheroes'

The band has some wacky ideas for what else game's developers can do with their avatars.

One of — OK, probably the — biggest perk in getting your own video game is actually being in the game itself. At least that's what the guys in Green Day told us when we asked them about the just-released "Green Day: Rock Band." It seems that, much like James Cameron, the band was avatar crazy.

"We look like superheroes!" frontman Billie Joe Armstong laughed. "You know, it'd be interesting if they made the 'Rock Band' version of us getting out of bed in the morning, you know, like, scratching yourself and then making coffee."

"They were pretty gracious. They didn't give me nearly as many pimples as I had when I was younger," bassist Mike Dirnt added of the game's developers. "They managed to somehow make me look a little better than I did when I was younger [and] now too."

And while "Rock Band" may make Armstong, Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool look even better than they normally do (no offense intended) and goes to great length to capture their likenesses at various stages in their career — from scowling, scatological-minded kids to well-worn, worldly vets — the guys in Green Day wonder why the developers didn't take the avatar technology one step further. The way they see it, the possibilities are endless.

"They've got to come up with like, a beer bottle, for [when] you'll play the guitar, and then you reach for a drink and then, you can get points right there ... it's like, the whole graphic will show up, you know?" Armstrong smiled. "A lit cigarette at the top of the guitar, [smoke it] put it back. [There's] no end to the possibilities."

And if the avatar situation can be that advanced, why stop there?

"There could be interviews in the game too. Like, a concept where you have a journalist that comes up with the microphone and [the player] will have a microphone and have to match the interview," Armstrong said. "You know, get it right, you get points off that. It's a great idea — you guys, are you writing this down?"

"They can call it 'Embedded Journalist 2!' " Dirnt laughed.

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