Charlize Theron Talks New 'Mad Max' Film, 'Fury Road'

'I feel like we're going to go to set out on a journey and do something original.'

Charlize Theron would love to share a few details about her much-hyped role in the upcoming Mad Max film, "Fury Road," but she's terrified the filmmakers would punish her for giving up any details.

"They would kill me," she told MTV News, just after receiving the Decade of Hotness honors at Spike's Guys Choice Awards. "They're listening to everything I'm saying right now," she said conspiratorially. "It's so top-secret they would destroy me."

Theron did, however, express enthusiasm for leading man Tom Hardy and director George Miller. "[Tom's] amazing," she said. "I think his work in [2009's] 'Bronson' was incredible."

Theron went on to explain that veteran writer/director Miller being attached to the film was her main reason for signing on to this fourth installment in the "Mad Max" franchise. "I wanted to go and do this because I felt that George Miller — well, he's a genius — and the idea of doing something that has this mass audience appeal with great actors — that is a dream come true. So I'm super excited about that."

The Academy Award-winning actress likened the production to embarking on an adventure. "It's obnoxious for actors to say this, but I feel like we're going to go to set out on a journey and do something original."

Also joining Theron and Hardy are castmembers Nicholas Hoult ("Clash of the Titans"), Teresa Palmer ("Bedtime Stories") and Adelaide Clemens ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine"). Production is reportedly scheduled to begin in Australia sometime this August. Mel Gibson, who famously brought the original "Mad" Max Rockatansky to life more than 30 years ago, told MTV News earlier this year that he "can't wait to see" the new film.

"Look, whatever George does, I think George is a genius, and whatever he is going to do with that franchise, he's got good reason for doing it," Gibson said. The action star, now in his 50s, said he was glad to have passed on the torch to Hardy: "I can't take the punishment for that sort of thing."

Are you excited to see "Fury Road" once it opens? Have you seen any of the other "Mad Max" films? Let us know in the comments!

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