Justin Bieber 'Somebody To Love' Video Premieres Friday

An online sneak peek shows Bieber trading verses, dance moves with mentor Usher.

In the past, [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] has merely teased fans with funky dance moves, but in the new video for his single "Somebody to Love," the teen pop star really lets loose, showing off some impressive choreography.

The full-length clip premieres online Friday, according to Justin's Twitter, but a sneak peek posted on PopEater.com shows Bieber and his mentor, [artist id="1270"]Usher[/artist], trading moves. The remix of "Somebody to Love" promises to be a spectacle of dance. Directed by Dave Meyers (Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne) and choreographed by Jamaica, who has also worked on clips by Ciara and Usher, the video features scenes of Bieber dancing with a team of backup dancers in front of a green screen. In other scenes, he's seen hanging out with Usher.

"It's really awesome to be able to work with professional dancers, you know, people that were in, like, ABDC," Bieber says in the video preview. Bieber also brags about getting the thumbs up from his choreographer: "She says that she's proud of me."

"He's killing it!" Jamaica chimes in, adding that she hasn't had to give the young star any corrections.

Instead of focusing on a love interest, as in past Bieber videos like "Baby," Meyers wanted this video to be a little more playful.

"[We're] bringing Justin into the world of dance on this one, giving Justin the chance to integrate to different styles of dance," Meyers says in the video. "So we kind of kept it simple with the art direction, just real graphic and really highlighting the dance. No big story lines, no crowds of people, just real clean."

The tune (not to be confused with tracks of the same name by Leighton Meester or Jefferson Airplane) is a dance track that finds Justin professing his love for a girl, telling her he doesn't need much else — just her.

"It's basically about somebody to love," Justin laughs. "It's cool. It's young. It's nice. I think it's like a universal record."

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