Diddy Regrets Not Sending Notorious B.I.G. To London The Day He Died

Bad Boy mogul says letting Biggie stay in L.A. is 'the only regret that does haunt me.'

As one of the most money-earning, game-changing, party-starting moguls in entertainment, Diddy has had a lot to celebrate throughout his career. However, the star has also spent a lot of his storied career lamenting the loss of his slain friend and Bad Boy artist, Notorious B.I.G. Diddy recently revealed that one his biggest regrets is not insisting that the late star handle some business overseas; a move that could have saved Biggie's life.

"Probably the only regret that does haunt me was the night that Biggie got killed. ... He was supposed to go to London for a promo tour, and he had talked me into letting him stay in L.A.," the entertainer revealed in a press conference video posted online by US Rap News. "That's, like, a regret that I have, just not forcing him to get on the plane."

Diddy expressed similar regrets about the day Biggie died in a video blog released last year before the release of the biopic "Notorious." Biggie was murdered on March 9, 1997, in Los Angeles after attending an after-party for The Soul Train Awards. The case remains unsolved.

The situation is somewhat similar to the challenge faced by the protagonist in Diddy's latest movie, Get Him to the Greek. The flick revolves around an ambitious record label rep (played by Jonah Hill) tasked with delivering a rowdy rock star (portrayed by Russell Brand) from London to Los Angeles for a comeback concert. Brand's character spends most of the movie trying to finagle his way out of his professional commitments. Diddy plays an over-amped music exec whose insane demands and bizarre behavior make things even more difficult for Hill's character.

Diddy-Dirty Money held a press conference in Paris to promote the group's upcoming album Last Train to Paris. The project includes the steely single "Angels," which features a verse from B.I.G.