Does Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Video Go Too Far?

Fans on the streets of NYC weigh in on Gaga's latest controversial video.

She poisoned jauntily dressed bumpkins in "Telephone," writhed next to Beyoncé in "Video Phone" and rocked some of pop music's most mind-blowing costumes in all of her videos. And although Lady Gaga has made a career of pushing the envelope with her videos, her latest visual tour de force, "Alejandro," is a remarkably involved production. Riddled with controversial imagery, including her swallowing a rosary and dry-humping beefy half-naked guys, Gaga's latest begs the question: Has she gone too far?

MTV hit the streets of New York City and found that fans have a wide range of opinions about Gaga's provocative eight-minute clip.

"I think it's pushing the limit a little bit," said Lisa Neville. "It looks like she's trying to wear a nun's costume and [have] sex on a bed so yeah, that's kinda stepping over the line."

"I don't know what to really say because that's really over-the-top for me," said Chad Tolentino. "First she's dressed in a nun's outfit, then she's on a bed with some dude on top of her. Well, I guess it's kinda normal for her."

Others, like Natalie Matthews, maintain that while Gaga's style of personal expression isn't for everyone, it is what the public can count on from the star. "It's not my taste but I would expect that from her," said Matthews, adding that pushing buttons has become Gaga's calling card. "I expect it to be weird and I expect it to be shocking."

"It's intense but I guess it's her style. I don't know," laughed Megan Wilson.

Stefanie Lehmann added that the shocking nature of the clip is what makes it uniquely Gaga. It's crazy but it's her ... it's totally Gaga. So, I don't think [it goes too far]."

"Nowadays I think you have to push the boundaries to get noticed," said Josefino Fantilago, who added that Gaga has a track record of stunningly provocative videos that she has to maintain. "She needs to up the ante because her 'Telephone' video with Beyoncé, that was amazing. 'Bad Romance' was amazing. She needs to move on."

"I don't think she's gone too far with this video. It's not a typical Lady Gaga video, I don't think," said Michael Miller. He found "Alejandro" to be one of Gaga's more mundane offerings, adding that, "typical [Lady Gaga] is quite crazy and strange outfits and quite provoking."

Gary Gomez also didn't find the video's sexual and religious references over-the-top. "No, I don't think she went too far at all. It's an awesome video. I liked it, all the dance moves, all the seductiveness, the sexiness — it's great."

Do you think the imagery in Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video goes too far? Let us know in the comments!