Lil Wayne Wants Drake's Thank Me Later To Sell 2 Million The First Week

'I need him to do more than Tha Carter III,' Weezy says in new 'Nino Brown Story, Pt. 3' footage.

Lil Wayne has huge aspirations for Young Money franchise player Drake. But hey, you don't become as big a superstar as Wayne is by thinking small.

In footage from DJ Scoob Doo's upcoming "Nino Brown Story, Pt. 3" DVD, Weezy calls Mack Maine from prison, and they talk about the sales of Drake's upcoming Thank Me Later. Wayne hadn't heard the completed LP before he went to prison in March.

"What that boy's sh-- sounding like?" Wayne asks Mack. "A million in a week?"

"Yeah. Like a classic. Big money," Mack answers.

"A million in a week? I need him to do more than Tha Carter III," Weezy adds of his breakthrough album, which sold more than 1 million copies in its debut week. "Like 2 million in the first week. I need him to do 2 million the first week, straight up."

"Let's get it. Ya heard me," Mack answers with a smile. "We gotta put this out."

Wayne then goes back to asking his nearly lifelong friend about the music on Thank Me Later.

"What's it sounding like? He singing his ass off?" the YM CEO asks.

"That n---a got some songs," Mack says with excitement. "One of them he let me hear, 'Karaoke.' It was some singing, I was like, 'When your part come in?' Picture that was him the whole time. I'm like, 'Who this n---a? When your verse come in?' That n---a got different tones now, blood. He's got different tones now. Sh-- we ain't never heard before. He's killing it."

Wayne later tells Mack that his own Tha Carter IV is going to be another major project and that he wants Thank Me Later to sell 10 million copies overall.

"I need [Drake] to do diamond," Wayne says. "And I try to top that. I need him to do that. He's gonna sell."

While in prison, Wayne is already thinking about his first performance when he comes home. "Come straight offstage with the [state] greens on and just go stupid on them," Wayne says of what he's going to do. "I should do it the same night I get out."

How many copies do you think Drake's debut will sell its first week? Share your predictions in the comments!