Green Day Got Proudly 'Pwned' At Their Own 'Rock Band'

'I couldn't even finish the song,' Tre Cool laughs to MTV News.

Through all the "Green Day: Rock Band"-related stories about dye jobs and song selections we've written this week, there remains one topic we haven't explored yet. And, to be honest, it's a fairly pertinent one: Are the guys in Green Day actually good at playing their game?

You would think the answer would be yes, considering they wrote the songs and all. But, oddly, you'd be wrong.

"Well I did an interactive thing with some random 'Rock Band' players all throughout the world, and I got my ass kicked really bad," drummer Tre Cool laughed. "I couldn't even finish the song."

"Tre got pwned," bassist Mike Dirnt laughed.

"I did! I got pwned!" Cool shrugged. "Pwned like a newb."

So while they might not be great at the game, at least the guys in Green Day are all pros when it comes to gamer lingo. But what, exactly, was it about the game that they found so difficult?

"For me, it's really hard. I think I'd rather play the guitar on the game. The drums are really hard," Cool said. "But what's cool about the kit that you get is, you can put it on free-play mode and the practice mode, and you've got an electric drum set. So it's kind of cool."

"That's actually really cool," Dirnt added.

And the electric drum set has an added feature, one "Rock Band" developers probably never even dreamed of: the power to annoy.

"You can jam around in your living room and piss off the neighbors," Cool smiled. "Like I care about pissing off the neighbors."

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