How Did Lil Wayne's Verse On Drake's 'Light Up' Happen? Watch Now!

Weezy and Mack Maine come up with the idea during a phone call, in new footage from DJ Scoob Doo.

Lil Wayne unleashed a lyrical tirade on Drake's "Light Up," with the incarcerated rapper contributing a remix verse to the Jay-Z-featured track from behind bars. But how exactly did the collaboration come about?

According to footage provided to MTV News by DJ Scoob Doo, Young Money cohort Mack Maine challenged his boss to drop some rhymes to the Tone Mason and Noah "40" Shebib banger. The scene will be featured on Scoob Doo's forthcoming DVD project featuring Lil Wayne, "The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 3."

"You was supposed to have that third [verse]," Mack tells Wayne after the rapper called him. "Write something to that."

Wayne and Mack were talking about Jay-Z's opening lines to the second verse, which Weezy admired.

"Yeah, man, ain't nobody talking about what your boy talking about," he said of Jay. "That n---a is stupid [with his rhymes]. I said, 'Oooh, look at that.' "

Mack and Wayne go back and forth, bantering about what the Cash Money Records superstar would sound like on the song.

Then, Wayne finally responds. "Come up with a [verse]? Don't play with me, man," Weezy tells Mack over the phone. "Just drop that beat to a breakdown to where you can really hear what I'm saying. I'll write 100 bars to that. Don't play with me. Let me know when it's set up, and I'll do it.

"It's over," he adds. "I got it already."

The two then coordinate a time for Wayne to call an engineer to help clean up the rapper's vocals, which were slightly distorted, since he had to rap over the phone. The result was classic Wayne, chock-full of punch lines and illuminating lyrics.

"I'm feeling like Elvis, 'Jailhouse Rock,' " Wayne raps via telephone. "I'm not Tupac, I'm the new 'Pac/ Behind bars, but the bars don't stop/ Recording over the phone, I hope the call don't drop/ Drizzy got the ball, I know the ball won't drop/ And I pray none of my kids ever wanna be Pop."

As of press time, it's unknown if the "Light Up" remix will be included on the official Thank Me Later release or possibly a later deluxe version.

Who had the best verse on "Light Up": Drake, Jay-Z or Lil Wayne? Let us know in the comments!

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