'Glee' Season Two Had Better Answer Some Questions

Where are Rachel's dads? Can Brittany sing? And other mysteries not resolved in the season finale.

Sure, the "Glee" season finale was relatively cliffhanger-free. William McKinley High's ragtag New Directions weren't able to outperform the soulless automatons of Vocal Adrenaline, but got a stay of execution anyway from Sue Sylvester, allowing them to stick around for another year. Hooray! But not all of the loose ends were tied up. We were left with several unanswered questions that we'd like to see resolved in season two.

Can Brittany, Other Asian (sorry, Mike Chang) and Matt Rutherford sing?

We know Santana (Naya Rivera) can belt out a tune (see: "Like a Virgin," "The Boy Is Mine," "Bad Romance"), but can the other three popular-kids-turned-gleeks? Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr. and Dijon Talton are fantastic dancers, but as their roles on the show grow, we wonder if they'll get to perform anything but backup. Pretty much every single other character has gotten a solo (even Emma and Terri!), so it's about time we heard from those three — unless they're terrible.

Why haven't we met Rachel's dads?

Since Rachel finding her birth mother was such a big plotline in the second half of the season, it's surprising we never heard from the two men who actually raised the ultra-talented, ultra-driven girl. We're expecting to see them in season two and hoping the "Glee" gods cast actors who look exactly like the goofy guys in the photo booth strip we saw in the pilot episode.

Speaking of families, will Quinn forgive her mother and move back in? And what's up with Finn's living situation?

Quinn went into labor before she was able to resolve her issues with her mother. After being so horribly treated after her parents found out she was pregnant, it will probably take some time for her to forgive them. As for Finn, after Burt Hummel kicked him out for using a gay slur, it wasn't really specified where he went to live. We're going to assume he just moved back into his old house, but wouldn't he have had to explain things to his mother? Did Burt forgive him after he dressed in drag to protect Kurt?

Why doesn't the piano accompanist ever smile?

Seriously, that dude's heart must be made of coal to not at least get a little warm and fuzzy listening to New Directions beat the odds and inspire people all the time. Plus, the energetic "Glee"-ification of every song is contagious. Everything's possible! Yeah! See, we're writing with extra exclamation points just thinking about it! Can't piano dude crack a smile just once?

How can Cory Monteith play the drums so well but not have any rhythm when he dances?

This is one question we fear may never be answered. Cory is so confident on the skins, but watching him flail around when he tries to dance sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable, like watching bad "American Idol" auditions. Amusing, but cringe-inducing. (We kid. He's really not that bad, but it is baffling.)

What other questions would you like to see answered in the second season of "Glee"?