'Glee' Yearbook Superlatives: We Name The Best Of The Season

From the best Rachel solos to the most ridiculous story lines, we're honoring the show's breakout moments and stars.

New Directions may not have won regionals on the season finale of "Glee," but the misfits of McKinley High certainly gave their rivals a run for their money. And since they didn't actually take the trophy, we've come up with our own way of honoring the hard-working Gleeks: Some yearbook-style superlatives that we feel perfectly sum up the first season.

Best Music

We've known Rachel could sing from the first note of "Les Miz," but with so many numbers to choose from, it's hard to decide which was her best. Mercedes also got a lot of solo time, but her greatest moment wasn't the show-stopping "Dreamgirls" number you'd expect. Puck, Artie and Kurt had fewer moments in the spotlight, but they all had memorable star turns. Mr. Schuester clearly has a soft spot for '90s era hip-hop, but the most awkward rap was the one that forced his female students (remember, they're teenagers) to breathily moan behind him. And who could forget the musical fun of the Madonna episode?

Best Rachel Solo: "Don't Rain on My Parade"

Best Mercedes Solo: "Bust Your Windows"

Best Puck Solo: "Sweet Caroline"

Best Artie Solo: "Dancing With Myself"

Most Uncomfortable Attempt At Rapping: Mr. Schuester's "Bust a Move"

Most Emotional Musical Number (tie): "Rose's Turn," Kurt; "Poker Face," Rachel and Shelby

Worst Mash-up: "Crazy in Love" and "Hair"

Best Mash-up: "Halo" and "Walking on Sunshine"

Best Incorporation of a Musical Number Into the Plot: "Like a Virgin"

Biggest Improvement on the Original Song: "4 Minutes," Mercedes and Kurt

Best Choreography

There was a lot of inspiring arm-raising and looking into each others' eyes — which is probably pretty realistic choreography for a high school glee club. But some of the show's dance numbers were way more complex. Of course, there are always those glee club members who were born with two left feet (cough Finn cough) who need a little extra work.

Most Creative Choreography: "Proud Mary"

Most Impressive Choreography: Vocal Adrenaline's "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Most Overused Dance Move: The "lock eyes and skip around each other," as employed by Finn and Rachel in nearly every duet

Best Way to Disguise the Fact that Cory Monteith Can't Dance: Whenever they put Finn behind the drums

Best Male Dancer: Harry Shum (Mike Chang)

Best Female Dancer: Heather Morris (Brittany)

Best Dancer Who Plays a Character in a Wheelchair: Kevin McHale (Artie)

Best Acting

"Glee" has been the most-talked about new show of the season, and its young stars have enjoyed a swift rise to fame, but some of the actors have stood out from their peers and even managed to outshine the amazing guest stars. There was also the revelation in acting that was Mike O'Malley as Kurt's dad, Burt. Who knew that the former "Guts" host could be so sensitive?

Biggest Breakout Star: Lea Michele (Rachel)

Most Underrated Breakout Star: Chris Colfer (Kurt)

Biggest Comedy Career Revitalization: Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester)

Best Use of Guest Star: Josh Groban (as himself, "Acafellas")

Worst Use of Guest Star: Kristen Chenoweth (April Rhodes, "Home")

Most Surprisingly Poignant Recurring Star: Mike O'Malley (Burt Hummel)

Best Guest-Star Casting Decision: Idina Menzel as Rachel's mother

Most Obvious Guest-Star Casting Decision: Idina Menzel as Rachel's mother

Best Writing

Like many a Ryan Murphy show, the plot of "Glee" sometimes veered into WTF territory — like that whole Terri pregnancy thing. But then again, like many a Ryan Murphy show, "Glee" was able to touch upon some serious issues in a realistic, sensitive way — like Kurt's coming-out story line. Also, the person responsible for Sue Sylvester's one-liners should probably be given some sort of trophy. And be enrolled in anger management therapy.

Best One-Liners: Sue Sylvester

Best One-Liners, Honorable Mention: Brittany

Most Annoying Plot: Terri's fake pregnancy

Most Emotional Plot: Kurt's struggle to embrace his sexuality

Most Ridiculous Baby Name Suggestion: Drizzle

Worst Romance: Emma and Coach Tanaka

Best Romance, Even Though It Was Sorta Fake: Rachel and Jesse St. James

What superlatives would you like to bestow on "Glee"? Share them in the comments.