Katy Perry's Reaction To Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Surprises Perez Hilton

' 'Cheap' wasn't the most appropriate word,' says Hilton, a friend of both pop stars.

On Tuesday [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] premiered her latest over-the-top music video, "Alejandro." This time around Gaga went dark, using images of the military and religion to weave her tale of lost love in the Steven Klein-directed clip. Already, the scenes of her dressed as a nun have rubbed some the wrong way, including fellow pop star Katy Perry, whose tweet calling "blasphemy as entertainment" cheap seemed to allude to the video.

That comment had Gaga's bestie and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton defending his pal, even though he says he loves both pop stars. "The Gaga video has premiered [with] a lot of reactions on both sides, love and hate," he told MTV News at the Logo NewNowNext Awards on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. "Surprisingly, one of the people who had interesting words to share about it is Katy Perry."

The gossip gangster said that Perry's tweet shouldn't be taken too seriously. "She took to her Twitter to say that blasphemy is as cheap as a comedian telling fart jokes, which I found funny because Russell Brand and Katy Perry love to tell fart jokes," he explained. "In fact, a few tweets prior to that one, Katy was joking about Russell farting in bed."

But Hilton tried to remain diplomatic about the whole situation. "I am a fan of both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and a friend to both," he said. "Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I have one and I share it. I just think that maybe the word 'cheap' wasn't the most appropriate word to describe Gaga and her video."

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