'The Hills' Recap: Brody And McKaela Are Over

Meanwhile, Audrina is back to flirting with Justin Bobby.

Well, well, well. Kristin's handwringing over Brody's new lady friend was all for naught. McKaela's unexpected friendship with one of Brody's enemies continued to spell doom for their fledgling relationship during Tuesday's episode of "The Hills."

It was Stephanie's birthday, and the gang convened at Bar 210 to celebrate. Well, not everyone, since Audrina's boyfriend, Ryan, was out on tour. "Now that he's not here, I've been going out," Audrina told Stephanie. "And I kind of miss that." One unexpected reveler who did show up was McKaela, who had been invited last-minute by Lo. And McKaela didn't come alone. She brought her friend Allie, whom several of the partygoers recognized immediately as the girl who allegedly broke into Brody's pad in the middle of the night to retrieve a lost ring.

As Kristin sat ever-so-close to Brody, chatting away, McKaela, who had been relegated to the opposite end of the coach with Allie, gave Kristin the evil eye. Brody ignored both McKaela and Allie to avoid any drama, but unsurprisingly, things got dramatic pretty quickly. "I don't care if you want to be single," McKaela declared, confronting Brody. "I just want respect." Brody explained that he was peeved McKaela brought Allie, and seconds later he hustled out of the bar with Kristin by his side.

The next morning while at work, McKaela asked Lo if she should call Brody. "Be careful," Lo advised. McKaela dialed Brody's number, only to have her call ignored by Brody, who was still in bed, watching Kristin retrieve her belongings that were scattered across his room from the night before.

Later in the day, Kristin met up with Audrina to discuss the events of the night. "You guys are like soul mates," Audrina said of Brody and Kristin. Just then, Audrina's phone went off — it was Justin Bobby sending her a text. When she met up with BF Ryan later in the day, she said nothing of the text, even hinting that maybe she and Ryan shouldn't be together. "Maybe this is too much too soon," she told him. But Ryan wouldn't have any of it. "What we have is pretty rare and pretty special," he assured her.

As if asking for trouble, Audrina showed up at Justin Bobby's garage to get her flirt on. "Did you tell Spikey you saw me the other night?" JB asked. Of course, Audrina hadn't. "There's certain people you see, and they're just meant," Justin Bobby said. "You can tell when two people are completely happy." Hmm... who is he talking about?

Meanwhile, Kristin finally agreed to meet with McKaela to hear her side of things. Kristin warned her that Allie was bad news and then asked how things were going between her and Brody. McKaela said they were pretty much over. And just to remind her how unwelcome Allie was, Kristin left McKaela with a few parting words: "People in L.A. take advantage of sweet girls like you."

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