'Glee' Cheat Sheet: Catch Up On The Season Before The Finale

Get to know your Quinn-and-Finn from your Burt-and-Kurt, your New Directions from your Vocal Adrenaline and more.

If you haven't yet gotten hooked on Fox's hit show "Glee," Tuesday night's (June 8) season finale is as good a time as any to give it a shot, but you're going to need a bit of a primer. As they say at the beginning of each episode, here's what you missed all season on "Glee":

William McKinley High Spanish teacher Will Schuester recruited a big bunch of misfits and a couple of popular jocks and cheerleaders for the glee club, New Directions. Principal Figgins said they need to win Sectionals to become a permanent club, but Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester vowed to do everything she could to sabotage them.

Theater nerd Rachel thought she and quarterback Finn were meant to be together, but he was dating Cheerio Quinn, who was the most popular girl in school and the president of the celibacy club until she got pregnant. Oops. She tricked Finn into believing he was the father when the baby daddy was really Finn's BFF, football-playing bad boy Puck. Will's wife Terri said she was pregnant, but she actually wasn't and didn't want to tell him the truth. She decided to adopt Quinn's baby in secret and pretend she was still preggers. Of course, both lies blew up in their faces big time — Will and Finn found out the truth, and broke up with Terri and Quinn immediately. Then New Directions won sectionals and the show went on an agonizingly long hiatus.

Puck dated Rachel, Mercedes and Santana, but stuck by Quinn the whole time. Mercedes and Kurt, who recently came out to his surprisingly accepting widowed father, wanted more attention and joined the Cheerios. Coach Sylvester told Mercedes to lose weight, and Mercedes politely told her where she could shove it. But Kurt stayed on the team, and they consequently won their sixth consecutive national competition.

Rachel and Finn started dating, but then she met Jesse St. James, the lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, their competition at regionals (which, incidentally, New Directions now has to win to remain at the school because Sue is blackmailing Principal Figgins with photos from when she kind of date-raped him). Jesse left his school and joined New Directions at the urging of Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran. Shelby wanted Jesse to convince Rachel to search for her birth mother, who happens to be — you guessed it, Shelby.

Artie told Tina that his being in a wheelchair was kinda like her speech impediment, then they started dating. She confessed her speech impediment was fake, and Artie got mad for a while, but they got back together. Artie asked her to wear skimpier clothing, then apologized for being misogynistic. Principal Figgins asked her to wear different clothes because he was afraid she was a vampire, but she scared him out of it. Artie came to terms with the fact that he won't walk again.

Finn's mom started dating Kurt's dad, which was totally part of Kurt's plan to get closer to Finn, whom he's always sort of had a crush on. Then Kurt got mad that Burt and Finn started hanging out, so he tried to act manlier and wear lots of flannel to win his dad's affection. But Burt reassured Kurt that he'd always love him no matter what. Awww.

Once he was free from his terrible wife, Will started dating sweet guidance counselor Emma, who was previously engaged to Coach Tanaka. But Will and Emma decided they should first take a break to deal with their own issues. Will seduced Sue just to give her a taste of her own cruel medicine, then he felt bad about it and apologized. Sue's very loving with her older sister, who has Down syndrome. She also has a big thing about Madonna. Maybe Sue's not so tough after all.

And that's what happened on "Glee."

Will New Directions actually win regionals? Will the Sue Sylvester who shows up to judge the contest be the impervious, badass Sue or the vulnerable, softer Sue? Are Will and Emma finally going to get together for real? And will Rachel learn that her relationship with Jesse was a setup? We'll find out soon enough!

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