Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Video Fashions From Eva Peron To Steampunk

New video features S&M outfits, a latex nun's habit and other controversial high fashion.

In every performance she gives, Lady Gaga pays as much attention to her look as to her sound. She knows that her "little monsters" will examine each of her looks and try to re-create them. And in her new video for "Alejandro," which debuted online on Tuesday (June 8), Gaga's video style is very dark, very black-and-white and very German.

And while the song's Spanish, sun-soaked vibe could lend itself to cheery styles, instead Gaga took a turn for the dark. Most of the looks she wears in the clip, directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, are more reminiscent of ones that may have been popular in Germany during the '20s and '30s.

The looks of the video range from high fashion to high blasphemy, as Gaga takes on Catholic imagery. She not only sports a red latex nun's habit, she also wears a hooded white-and-red tunic that feels like something that Joan of Arc would wear at the stake.

Gaga does pay homage to the song's Latin vibe in the opening funeral scene, when she wears a black lace veil reminiscent of an Eva Peron outfit — or something Madonna would have worn as Eva Peron in "Evita."

That is certainly not where the Madonna style references begin or end. At one point, when the video takes a turn for the "Vogue," Gaga is seen alone dancing around in a black pant suit that could have easily been worn by Madge in 1990 (back when Madonna was channeling German movie icon Marlene Dietrich). Gaga even has her own take on Madonna's infamous Gaultier cone bra, only Gaga has made it her own by replacing the cones with rifles.

Then again, there are fashion references that are now becoming distinctly Gaga. She dances around in nude-colored underwear. She wears a black Victorian style dress, complete with steampunk goggles, a look that would have been at home in her "Paparazzi" video.

Rocker Gaga, complete with black underwear, leather jacket, sunglasses and slicked-back hair, also makes a cameo. It feels like the woman we saw asking Beyoncé for help on a prison pay phone in the "Telephone" video. Yet, it still feels new in this video too.

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