Mark Wahlberg Says He's 'Focused' On Bringing 'Entourage' To Big Screen

'In the trailer, you see [Ari, Lloyd] waking up together in Vegas,' he jokes of possible story lines, at MTV Movie Awards.

"Entourage" fans have spent seasons following Vincent Chase and his loyal crew as they work to land the young actor big parts in big movies. Now, the real-life actor/producer who helped bring the series to HBO wants to get a movie of his own made. Mark Wahlberg confirmed that a big-screen adaptation of the show is in the works, when we spoke to him on the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. "The Other Guys" star said an "Entourage" movie is more than just a possibility — it's the project he's most determined to see in theaters.

"I am more focused on making that movie than my own films," Wahlberg told MTV News, exhibiting all the passion of Jeremy Piven's energetic talent agent, Ari Gold. "I just think we can make a great movie. I think people always wanted [it] and have complained that the episodes are too short — they've always wanted more. I think we're going to do it. We just have to end strong, and this season is, by far, the best season so far."

Over the course of six seasons, "Entourage" has covered a lot of ground: Vinnie has gone from rising star to leading man (with the world's highest-grossing blockbuster among his credits), only to see the work dry up, going from out-of-work actor and back to emerging star once again. It's been quite the journey. So what story line could an "Entourage" movie explore? Wahlberg offered up one particularly memorable scene, though it had nothing to do with Vinnie.

"In the trailer, you see [Ari and his associate, Lloyd] waking up together in Vegas not knowing what happened," Wahlberg imagined. "It would be pretty cool!"

If that's not enough to sell you, then "Entourage" probably isn't your cup of tea. But Wahlberg's enthusiasm for the project was palpable. He's already considering making a cameo in the film: "Possibly, yeah. I've been on the show so many times, and we've got some great cameos coming up this year. It's getting pretty good."

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