Anna Kendrick 'Sprinted Onstage' To Accept MTV Movie Awards' Best Movie

'I didn't know if I should go up at the end or not,' she says of her small role in 'New Moon.'

Anna Kendrick spent much of last year as a critical darling, rewarded with one nomination after another for her performance opposite George Clooney in "Up in the Air." Despite all the acclaim, Kendrick seems convinced that most of her MTV fans still know her only as Jessica Stanley from the "Twilight" films.

Judging by her visibly surprised expression upon hearing her name called for the Best Breakout Star at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, the starlet appeared not to have considered the Twilighters' voting power.

"I am not cool enough to win an MTV Movie Award!" she said when she accepted her Golden Popcorn, beating out Chris Pine, Zach Galifianakis, Gabourey Sidibe, Logan Lerman and Quinton Aaron for the honor. "So I am not going to mess it up by talking any more than I should."

Later on in the show, Kendrick faced a similarly self-conscious struggle in deciding whether she should join her castmembers onstage to accept the Best Movie award for "New Moon."

"It's so weird. I'm not, like, a big part of the movies, and I understand people are in it for Rob [Pattinson], Taylor [Lautner] and Kristen [Stewart]," she told MTV News. "So I didn't know if I should go up at the end or not [when the cast won Best Movie]. At the last second, I sprinted onstage.

"I was really psyched to get Best Breakout," she added. "That was so exciting, and then when ['New Moon'] won, I was the idiot who crawled onstage at the last second."

What did you think of Kendrick's win and acceptance speech? Would you have second-guessed getting up onstage with the "Twilight" cast? Sound off in the comments!

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