Ice Cube Says 'Put Your Money On' L.A. Lakers In NBA Finals

The West Coast MC and superfan roots for the purple-and-gold, gripes about unreliable refs.

Legendary West Coast mic enforcer Ice Cube is excited that the NBA Finals are upon us, but he feels that there may be something shady going on to make sure the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics series is extended as far as it can go. MTV News recently talked ball with Cube, and he insisted his beloved Lake show are the superior team, but the Cs may have some help from the boys-in-stripes, making some shady rulings inevitable during game play.

"It's gonna take [NBA Commissioner] David Stern to stop telling these refs how to ref these games," Cube said, when asked what he thought it would take for the Lakers to repeat as NBA Champions. "I don't know if they telling them how to ref these games, but it's just ridiculous sometimes when I see these refs making sure that the series is extended. Games are leaned towards this team or that team. Every year is the same old dance. Everybody can pick two or three games where you knew the league had their hand in it."

True to Cube's gripes, there were several questionable calls made during Game 2 of the finals

Sunday night at the Staples Center, home of the Lakers. Even the team has had their complaints in the past about the finals officiating.

Despite the refs' calls, Cube said he felt confident his team will triumph over Boston, just like they did over the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals.

"What about the Celtics?" Cube asked with a grin. "They can't beat us four times without help either. They need help from the refs too. Did you see Game 2, when we played them in the finals that year [2008]? Game 2 was ridiculous. Ridiculous! It's the same thing. It ain't about the series. It's about 'Will it go to Game 6 or Game 7?' That's all the league care about."

Still, Cube said it's purple-and-gold — all the way.

"You sound like you got some doubt," he said like the superfan he is. "Let me put that to rest. We got the team to win it all this year. Put your money on the Lakers."

The Lakers and Celtics play Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night.

Who are you rooting for in the NBA Finals? Are you a die-hard Lakers fan like Cube? Tell us in the comments!

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