Snooki, Tom Felton, Jessica Alba Rock Twitter During 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Stars give a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what was going on during the big show.

Fans weren't the only ones tweeting throughout the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night — plenty of the show's stars took to Twitter as well, and we were watching. Everyone from Best Villain winner Tom Felton to the "Jersey Shore" crew posted about what went on from where they were sitting.

Jessica Alba offered props to show host Aziz Ansari, tweeting a compressed mini-review of his stint as the show's on-stage ringmaster.

"Aziz killed it 2nite as host 4 MTV movie awards," Alba tweeted. "Tom Cruise dancing = hilarious & Ken Jeong was out of control funny. Gd times."

Elizabeth Banks also tweeted about Ansari taking her on-the-ground commentary a step further by letting everyone know what he looked and smelled like in person.

"Fun after party for @azizansari after MTV Movie Awards," the "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" actress said. "Aziz was big pimping in his white tux. He also smelled vaguely of olives."

Ansari's most vivid tweet came after seeing the star of from "The Karate Kid" remake.

"Jaden Smith went buckwild during my monologue!!!," he wrote. "Hahahaha. This is nuts."

"Harry Potter" star Tom Felton initially focused on thanking the voters who helped secure his award for the night, but then got into the heckling he received from Mark Wahlberg (who was hanging from the stage's rafters with Will Ferrell for a jokey stunt during the award presentation) during his acceptance speech.

"Thank you for a truly unforgettable evening! Had a great night! Thank you so much for every single vote! THANKYOU!!! X," he wrote, "and a big thank you to Mark Wahlberg for co-writing my acceptance speech, we got together a couple of days ago and wrote that little skit x."

He quickly tagged the Wahlberg reference as a joke, though. "I was joking about the Wahlberg speech! I was a bit stumped by the situation but did my best, not an everyday occurrence x," he explained.

Wahlberg apologized to Felton for the interruption — in front of MTV News' cameras — shortly after the show.

Tom Cruise's account, which is mostly maintained by his personal staff, produced a few photos of the show and congratulated Kirsten Stewart, Sandra Bullock and Robert Pattinson on their accolades.

Elsewhere, Snooki and the Hilton sisters shared a few photo ops and sounded excited to see each other.

"The Hilton sistas! Love you bitches!" Snooki wrote after bumping into Paris and Nicky and capturing the moment via TweetPhoto. Nicky even returned the love with a response shortly thereafter. "We love you too!" the younger Hilton wrote.

So even if the "Jersey Shore" cast hasn't managed to earn any big-screen nominations just yet, at least one of them has been making new friends.

Did we miss any? Did you see any good tweets from the stars during the MTV Movie Awards? Let us know in the comments below!

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