Robert Pattinson: 'I Should've Been Nominated' For More MTV Movie Awards

'It's a disappointment,' he jokes of 'New Moon' domination.

Twilighters love Rob Pattinson for many reasons, including his charm, his humility and his well-documented good looks. The guy is already on the cover of every magazine in your local supermarket, has T-shirts and dolls emblazoned with his face and spent Sunday once again dominating the MTV Movie Awards. So, could it all finally be going to his head?

"To be honest," the man affectionately known as RPattz began backstage, "I should've been nominated in a few more categories."

Ex-squeeze-us? That's right — when he wasn't kissing Kristen Stewart onstage, Rob's lips were spitting out the sort of statements typically uttered by spoiled Hollywood folk.

"It's a disappointment," Rob said of "New Moon" winning so many awards Sunday evening. "It's an OK result.

"I think it's only three," he added when we caught up with him. "We did better last year."

But wait! Watch the tape closely and you may recognize that sly smile, easy laugh and self-deprecating hand through the hair. He's being playful, he's being silly — it's the old RPattz! All that fame still hasn't changed him!

That's right, folks — in this world of over-saturated, spoiled stars, it's good to know that at least one guy in Hollywood still knows how to laugh at himself. From appearing alongside Taylor Lautner in "Bad Ass Cops" to playfully kissing KStew to making sure that he stopped to talk with us backstage, we likely won't have to worry about him making the above statements for real anytime soon. Like Edward Cullen himself, he's an old-fashioned gentleman and a throwback to simpler times.

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