Russell Brand Offers Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson Kissing Advice

He also dishes on fiancée Katy Perry's 'sexy' performance and the MTV Movie Awards' 'offensive' language.

Russell Brand kissed Katy Perry and liked it. Now, Brand has a few suggestions for how Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson could have enhanced their kiss a bit at the MTV Movie Awards, when Bullock won the Generation Award.

"I think one of them needed to invert for it to be of any real value," he told MTV News. "If one of them inverted ... I'd like to suggest this script: It's for a website called Sandra can be a mom figure, and Scarlett would be a niece, and then they would do it, sexual-wise."

Sandra and ScarJo's kiss wasn't the only sexy moment of the night. Brand's fiancée hit the stage for one über-hot performance of her song "California Gurls." "It was fantastic," Brand said. "She was amazing. She was sexy. The song was great. Snoop Doggy Dogg was in it. There were beach balls." He also made a vow to music fans everywhere: "I give you my word as an Englishman: I will never sing onstage with her."

Brand, who has hosted the VMAs twice, gave Aziz Ansari his seal of approval -- in his own special way. "I think it was my best hosting job yet," he joked. "I was deep in character. I played the part of Aziz Ansari. It was uncharacteristically professional."

The funnyman did take issue with the show's potty mouth: "I think it was offensive to the English nation. We gave your country a language, and you abused it. Now we want it back, and you're gonna have to speak Mandarin or Russian or some new made-up language."

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