Chris Rock Surprised Aziz Ansari Never Called Him For Hosting Advice

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards host could have learned 'the ins and outs' of awards shows from Rock, if only he'd asked.

No matter who takes over hosting duties at MTV's awards shows, they're always standing on the shoulders of giants. After all, comedic luminaries like Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Mike Myers and Ben Stiller have previously taken the stage to take the stuffing out of stuffy awards shows. But one of the most iconic Video Music Awards hosts, Chris Rock, told MTV News that he was surprised that 2010 Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari hadn't yet called him for advice.

"I like Aziz, but he hasn't called me," Rock said Saturday at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards (which air on June 20). "That's a bad sign."

Rock explained that he has actually offered guidance to other aspiring hosts in the past. "See, most of the hosts, they get the job and they call me, and I tell them the ins and outs," said Rock, who followed up his 2003 VMAs stint by hosting the Oscars in 2005. "But he hasn't called me."

Rock jokingly said that since Ansari never reached out to him, he refuses to take responsibility if there are any snafus during Sunday night's awards ceremony.

"If he messes up, it has nothing to do with me," Rock said with a shrug.

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