Movie Awards Host Aziz Ansari Planning Plenty Of 'Avatar,' 'New Moon' Jokes

'You never know what Aziz is going to throw in there,' host's writers reveal.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Nothing is sacred anymore, including fan favorites "New Moon" and "Avatar," which are tied for five nominations each at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. The writing team working with Aziz Ansari said anything can happen once the "wild card" host hits the stage.

"There's a lot of things we can't make jokes about," writer Mike Mitchell told MTV News backstage at the Gibson Amphitheatre, during a break from writing for the show. "You never want to be too mean." But, as his colleague Dave Ferguson added: "You never know what Aziz is going to throw in there."

Already planned and on the docket are jokes and moments that are "super political this year," fellow writer Chelsea Peretti added: "So a lot of that and then some crazy dancing."

While she might not have been referring to the epic "New Moon" vs. "Avatar" battle, that too seems pretty political. So where does the crew of Movie Awards writers stand on the issue? "I'm gonna go with 'New Moon,' " Peretti said. "I love it! I'm sorry, everyone."

In a battle of the sexes, her male colleagues all picked "Avatar," which they teased would be very well-represented in the show's jokes. Mitchell had a whole other team he wanted to join: "I'm on Aziz's team!"

There is one moment the writers teased that they think fans will really enjoy, aside from RPattz and KStew sightings. "I think there's a reunion of sorts on the show; I think I can say that. ... [A] 'Cosby Show' reunion," Mitchell joked, before really sharing: "There's an MTV reunion of sorts I believe on the show as well. Is that too much to say?"

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