Angelina Jolie, Rain Battle For Biggest Badass Star At MTV Movie Awards

Sam Worthington, Chris Pine and Channing Tatum will also throw down in the category at Sunday's show.

There are some new categories this year at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, including Biggest Badass Star — and no, it's not unnatural that you're intimidated by this addition to the competitive lineup. After all, when talking about an assortment of characters ranging from a betrayed super-spy to a big blue alien, it's more than understandable to find yourself in awe.

There's Chris Pine for starters — he portrayed [movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie] leading man James T. Kirk, a Star Fleet graduate who is light-years ahead of his class in terms of intellect, bravery and skill, even if his cocksure attitude frequently lowers his reputation in the eyes of his contemporaries. The real question is, how will voters react to the character's signature arrogance?

Even if Pine can command a starship crew, is he capable of staving off the vicious warrior played by Rain in [movie id="381175"]"Ninja Assassin,"[/movie] the action flick produced by the Wachowski siblings? As the silent killer Raizo, the South Korean pop sensation pursued his fictional mentor with a bloodlust rarely seen in modern mainstream cinema. But are moviegoers on board with Raizo's quest for vengeance?

He's not the only one out to settle a score, as Angelina Jolie is also a candidate for Biggest Badass Star. No stranger to playing badasses, in the upcoming [movie id="376997"]"Salt"[/movie] she's an agent betrayed by her own government and forced to clear her name.

If Jolie's Salt is a questionable quantity in her country's eyes, there's no denying who the real American hero is of these nominees: none other than Channing Tatum, who played the courageous Duke in [movie id="363653"]"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."[/movie] While Duke's loyalties are unquestionable, his Boy Scout level of commitment to upholding rules could ultimately cost him in the race towards Biggest Badass.

In the end, if there's one thing these four contenders can agree upon, it's this: Sam Worthington has a major advantage thanks to two separate badass roles this year in [movie id="301495"]"Avatar"[/movie] and [movie id="376054"]"Clash of the Titans."[/movie] But in the Australian actor's defense, both human-turned-alien-warrior Jake Sully and the partially godlike Perseus truly were two of the most undisputed badasses of the year — can anyone really hold those performances against Worthington?

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