Game Releases New Song With T.I., Robin Thicke On Twitter

MC posts a link to a mixed and mastered version of his latest single, 'Pushin' It.'

[artist id="1340778"]The Game[/artist] debuted a new track featuring [artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] and [artist id="3235468"]Robin Thicke[/artist] from his forthcoming The R.E.D. Album via Twitter on Friday (June 4). The track, "Pushin' It," actually leaked to the Web on Thursday, but the Compton rapper released a mixed and mastered version of the song.

The sexy number finds the rappers trading verses trumpeting their credentials with the ladies while Robin Thicke croons the chorus.

"I'm a rude boy, so I'm gonna get it up/ Rihanna post-Chris, Matt Kemp, baby, this is us," Game raps. "So talk to me, have you ever been to Cannes?/ Yeah, south of France/ Next stop Japan, let's go."

"Pushing it, your lips/ 'Cause my drug, it's your lips," Thicke sings.

The song follows his street single "Shake" and Game's lead offering from The R.E.D. Album, "It Must Be Me."

The video for "Shake" premiered on in April, and the clip for the Neptunes-produced "It Must Be Me" is slated to premiere Friday on BET's "106 & Park."

The former G-Unit cohort recruited a bevy of high-profile producers to man the boards for the project, and reunited with mentor Dr. Dre.

"I feel great about this album," Game told MTV News earlier this year. "It's back full-force Aftermath and I'm conjoined with Star Trak." (Pharrell Williams is one of the LP's executive producers.) "I got this colorful movement over here where it's beautiful music on this side [with Star Trak] — then when I need to go dark or super grown and sexy, I got Dre over here. The combination is crazy — mixed in with a Cool & Dre track and RZA track and all the sh-- I been doing. The only person I'm upset I didn't work with on this album is DJ Premier. I feel his sh-- would have been perfect for this all-star producer cast that I have. One Premier track would have did me just fine. I would have murdered that sh--. But we ain't get it in, 'cause he was doing a whole bunch of sh-- for Christina Aguilera. I'm just Game. So I gotta just wait for the next album."

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