Justin Bieber Fans Skip Prom, Drive For Days To Watch Him On 'Today'

'He's amazing, he's so worth it,' says fan who drove 17 hours to see Friday's performance.

Becca Jude and Sinead Byrne, both 18, were supposed to be at their high school prom in New Jersey on Thursday. Instead, they were in New York City, standing in line to watch Justin Bieber perform live on the "Today" show early Friday morning.

"All our friends think we're crazy," said Becca, who was planning to join her friends on a trip to the Jersey Shore before she found out about the concert. "We have no regrets. He's worth it."

She was just one of many dedicated fans who skipped events, drove for hours and camped out overnight just to get a glance at Bieber onstage.

Megan Hazelwood, 17, convinced her parents to drive 17 hours from their home in Kansas City, Kansas, setting off three days ago just to make it to the show on time.

"He's amazing, he's so worth it," said Megan, who's organizing a buyout of Justin Bieber's album in Kansas City. Decked out in a black Justin Bieber T-shirt, she explained that she convinced her dad to tag along on the ride by telling him it would a good "bonding experience."

"They just love me," she said of her parents. "They just love me a lot."

For many parents, like Julie Williamson from New Canaan, Connecticut, accompanying their kids to the concert was an opportunity to experience the excitement themselves.

"I'm reliving my youth," Williamson said, admitting that she has officially caught Bieber Fever too.

Joe Pezzino said he drove his daughter seven hours from Buffalo, New York, in order to share something with her. "It's one of those things you do with your kids," he said, adding that he likes Bieber's music because it's clean.

While many fans had been planning to attend this concert since it was first announced, 12-year-old Jissed Rosario didn't even know she'd be coming. "I didn't know I was coming here today; it was my birthday surprise," said Jissed, whose uncle drove her to the concert because he knew she was a huge fan.

"My teacher complained about how much I like Justin Bieber at the report card conference," said Jissed, who also writes poems about Bieber and talks about him nonstop. "I'm basically the number one fan in the whole school."

Would your parents camp out with you to see your idol onstage? Would you do it with your kids? Talk about it in the comments.

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