Ashton Kutcher 'Finally Got A Gun' In 'Killers'

'It's the boys' dream,' actor says of playing an assassin.

Ashton Kutcher's Hollywood résumé is full of impressive highlights and accomplishments — however, when we caught up with the star of the upcoming "Killers," he revealed he'd been missing one key element: carrying a gun. Thanks to taking on the role of an undercover super assassin-turned-suburban husband in his upcoming film, "Killers," he accomplished the elusive goal he'd been working toward since he started in the biz.

"I've been in the business for 11 years now," he said. "I've probably done, I can't even guess, probably 500 hours of film and television and I finally got a gun. It's the boys' dream."

While reveling in his character's gun-wielding action scenes in the film, Kutcher revealed that his co-star was not as game. "Katherine Heigl is a comedy star of enormous proportion, a dramatic star of enormous proportion — not an action star," he explained. "She specifically is not an action star and it's a good thing my character had the heavy lifting with the action in the movie. She didn't like it. She hates it. She cannot stand it. She doesn't like to run."

The former "That '70s Show" star did acknowledge Heigl's other talents, however. "She's an unbelievable actress, a dream," he gushed. "She has this childlike quality that is so valuable when you're working in a profession where you have to use your imagination."

In the film, which opens Friday, Kutcher and Heigl play a married couple living quietly in the suburbs — until the day after Spencer's 30th birthday when Jen finds out her husband is a former super-agent who now has a hit out on his head. Zany action and cat-and-mouse antics ensue.

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