'Splice' Star Adrien Brody Talks 'Disturbing' Sex Scene

'It's a new level,' actor says of his steamy scene in the sci-fi film.

When working in Hollywood, the occasional sex scene is par for the course. But for Adrien Brody, his "Splice" character's encounter with a genetically engineered monstrosity takes the term "sex scene" to a whole new level.

In the film, Brody plays a scientist who collaborates with his colleague and girlfriend Sarah Polley to create a new life-form that rapidly evolves into a sentient humanoid creature played by French actress Delphine Chanéac — a creature who eventually (spoiler alert!) seduces Brody in a shocking sex scene.

"How can one compare what takes place in this movie with anything else I've had to do?" Brody told MTV News when asked about the surprising sequence, adding with a laugh, "It's a new level — it's a very Gen-X sex scenario."

But according to Brody, it's the disturbing nature of the movie as a whole that attracted him to the project in the first place. "As I read [the script], the level of madness and disturbing elements, as they progress, was pretty fantastic," he said. "It's disturbing, but at the same time there's something very exciting about it. The science-fiction elements of this movie ... we're there, almost, technologically and scientifically. We're there. I think that adds a [disturbing] element that this could happen."

Between working on "Splice" and the forthcoming sci-fi action flick "Predators," Brody is carving out quite the space for himself in the science-fiction genre. "These are the movies that inspired me in my adolescence," he said. "To find characters that are complex within classical creature films is pretty ... I'm pretty fortunate."

That's not to say that Brody went through "Splice" without some level of discomfort, of course. Going back to the sex scene, Brody revealed, "This is one of those things where I had to watch the movie with my mother the first time, so it's pretty disturbing."

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