Ashton Kutcher Asks: 'How Does Robert Pattinson Not Win Every Award?'

The 'Killers' star is just as dedicated as Twilighters to making sure RPattz dominates the MTV Movie Awards.

HOLLYWOOD — Last year, Robert Pattinson won three Golden Popcorn statues at the MTV Movie Awards. At the 2010 show, he's up for another three potential wins, including Best Male Performance and Best Kiss.

Most avid Twilighters would say that's pretty darn good work for the 24-year-old actor. Others might argue that such awards-show recognition just ain't enough respect for the British heartthrob.

By "others," we mean Ashton Kutcher, who made a not entirely convincing (but nonetheless amazing) case to MTV News that Pattinson should never lose a single award — regardless of genre or gender specificity. Ever.

"How does Robert Pattinson not win every award ever invented?" he asked us Tuesday night on the "Killers" red carpet, just days before Pattinson and his "Twilight" cohorts descend on the Movie Awards. "How does he not win every award ever?"

Kutcher was only getting started. In an extended, dramatic-pause-assisted monologue, the King of Twitter made clear to what extent he'd be willing to go to defend the honor — and the awards-show dignity — of everyone's favorite smoldering teen vampire.

"Like, I almost got up onstage this year at the Grammys when he didn't win and almost kicked Taylor Swift off," he said. "Because I'm like, 'What's up? Robert Pattinson should have won this.'

"And the Emmys are coming up too," he continued. "And I might go and just be like, 'What's up? Robert Pattinson should have won this.' And then, at the Oscars, if 'Precious' is nominated for something next year again for some reason, I'll just be like, 'Robert Pattinson should have won this.'

"Or Ben Affleck," he added with a deadpan grin. "One or another."

Are you as dedicated to RPattz's awards-show dominance? Sound off in the comments!

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